DAV-Outlook Sync

Outlook Add-in for secure synchronization of your Outlook and CalDAV/CardDAV data. Synchronization of calendar, tasks and contacts is available.

Supported Outlook versions: 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016, 2019, Outlook 365.

Supported CalDAV/CardDAV servers: ownCloud, Nextcloud, Fruux, Google and any other.

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Make your Outlook and CalDAV/CardDAV data perfectly and securely synchronized

DAV-Outlook Sync. Conveniently sync all your important data.
Conveniently sync all your important data

DAV-Outlook Sync is an Outlook Add-in (plugin), which is always accessible from its own Ribbon’s tab. No need to separately run any other software.

DAV-Outlook Sync. Schedule automatic synchronization.
Schedule automatic synchronization

Sync automation feature allows you to utilize the Set-it-and-Forget-It approach. Simply choose the right synchronization interval, DAV-Outlook Sync will take care of the rest.

DAV-Outlook Sync. Perfect match for any set of folders.
Perfect match for any set of folders

Map Outlook and CalDAV/CardDAV folders with each other for more precise sync. You can also completely exclude folders/data from synchronization, if needed.

DAV-Outlook Sync. Synchronize with multiple accounts.
Synchronize with multiple accounts

Set up synchronization with multiple CalDAV/CardDAV server accounts. Synchronization with multiple Outlook profiles is also supported.

DAV-Outlook Sync. Support of wide range of CalDAV/CardDAV servers.
Support of wide range of CalDAV/CardDAV servers

Native support of all the major and well-known CalDAV and CardDAV servers. The Add-in will even allow you to synchronize Outlook with Google.

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